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Medical checkup package

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Medical Check-up Package


Effectively monitoring healthcare through the appropriated package:


Located in the center of Hanoi, 5 minutes walking from Opera House, Tokyo International Clinic would like to provide Standard Medical Check-up Package and Student Medical Check-up. Besides, we also offer Medical Check-up for Labors who are going to work in Japan. For entrepreneur clients that have large demand for our service, we always have incentive offers and price.

Medical check-up is a vital process when you are going abroad for work. Tokyo International Clinic provides not only internal medicine service, blood test and urinalysis, but also endoscopy package that qualified Japanese medical standards.

Now you do not have to go to Japan, Thailand or Singapore for comprehensive health-check. Moreover, we are able to give out treatment plan for previous examination results. It is advised to have medical check-up at least once a year to fully understand your own health.


Medical check-up time:

Monday to Saturday: 8:00 ~ 12:00

Duration: 2~3 hours


Note for patient who does the medical check-up:

-   If you have prehistory of disease or are taking medicine, please see our doctors for consulting

-   In the day of medical check-up, from waking up until finishing the process, please do not eat, smoke or drink alcohol

-   Please do not urinate before medical check-up for doing urinalysis.

-   If you are using any pacemaker or artery forceps, please kindly let us know in advance.

-   Female patients who are pregnant or suspect of pregnancy please let us know in advance so as to cancer tests for breast cancer and cervical cancer.


Medical check-up packages:

Measurement of height, weight, obesity, eyesight, hearing, blood pressure, internal medicine consultation, X-ray, ECG, blood test (leukocytes, erythrocytes, hemoglobin index, platelet, liver function, kidney function, cholesterol, uric acid, diabetes), urinalysis, stool examination, abdominal ultrasound (please refer to category Medical Check-up package)


Optional extra services:

Endoscopy, testing H. pylori bacteria, amino acid index (cancer test), tumor marker, echocardiography, CT * (lung cancer), MRI * (brain function), mammogram.

  • Other tests (Please see our Price list)
  • For items marked *, we will perform implement in other hospitals that is affiliated with Tokyo International Clinic


Reading results:

[[[No abnormal] No pathological manifestations detected

[Insignificant]  Slight signs of disease, but does not affect daily activities

[[[Observation]  Need to change daily habits. Disease will be concluded in the next appointments.

[Need treatment] There are clear signs of disease, require treatment plan.

[[[Specialized check] Request more intensive inspect to be able to conclude signs of disease.

[[[In treatment] Request continue treatment due to doctor’s instruction


Medical check-up package for early detection and early treatment


Medical check-up, examined and consulted by Japanese doctors, Tokyo International Clinic provides health-check result in Japanese. By using medical check-up packages, initial signs of the disease will be detected and treated early. Minimal signs should not be subjectively considered. Therefore, if you have any unusual signs of health, it is recommended to use medical check-up package to detect and have a treatment plan in time.


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